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Our Managed ATM Solution takes the hard work and day to day maintenance away from the financial institution and places it in the hands of a service provider, Smith Hamilton.

We'll Buy it

We purchase the customer's existing equipment for book value, allowing customer to remove their existing equipment from their books.

New ATM Install

We offer each customer new state of the art Nautilus Hyosung ATMs, completely compliant to today's standards and keeping that equipment compliant with any upcoming requirement (EMV, Windows 7, etc.) throughout the term of the agreement.

All Surrounding Services

We offer all surrounding services including first and second line hardware maintenance with our employee technical staff throughout Texas, Oklahoma, & Louisiana.

We'll Take Care of the Details

We provide transaction processing and settlement, cash replenishment services if necessary, consumable supplies replenishment, and monthly transaction and service reporting.
With ATM outsourcing, Smith Hamilton assumes all responsibility regarding the ATM. No more worrying about the constant effort of federally mandated ATM compliance, service contracts, software updates, and other expenses as they occur throughout the lifetime of the ATM. All of that is taken care of by Smith Hamilton. You as the customer still make money from the ATM without having to worry about any of the responsibility as stated before. It works like this: Smith Hamilton buys the existing ATM(s) from you for book value, installs new ATMs, and provides all surrounding services... free of charge. Your financial institution can brand the ATM as if its your own and the ATM stays in the same place. The bank or credit union also keeps 100% of its surcharge revenue from the ATM as well as compensation for the interchange fees. This revenue is paid to the customer monthly and comes with customized reports. This program is providing many clear benefits to the accounting department as well, changing the ATM to an operating expense versus capital expense. Some companies will package some of these services together for a monthly fee but will NOT take responsibility for compliance issues, processing, and "out of scope" service requests. Smith Hamilton literally takes ownership of the ATMs and remains responsible for all equipment, service, and processing issues throughout the term of the agreement. The customer will not receive any additional or ancillary bills throughout the term of the agreement. The reason is simple. You don’t own ATMs anymore! This is a new frontier regarding ATM Solutions. Why not reap the benefits of your ATMs without ever having to worry about taking care of them?
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