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Imagine you’re 12 again. Your parents told you not to climb that tree, didn’t they? Yet there you are, sitting underneath the canopy of the leaves and limbs, your wrist may or may not be broken, the branch that snapped and led to your demise is nestled ever-so-gently over your right arm.

It’s hot outside, but not near as hot as your parents are going to be about having to take you to the emergency room. They care about you, love you, and they’ll do whatever they have to so that you’re taken care of, but all of this could have been avoided if you would have just listened.

Now let’s apply that scenario to your financial institution. You’re all grown up now. And instead of not climbing a tree, you have equipment to think about. A lot of it actually. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of it to be precise. Maybe even millions. And it all needs to run well… every day. Neglecting to have your equipment cleaned and properly maintained annually or bi-annually can be the proverbial limb that breaks your wrist.

At Smith Hamilton, we’ve been the solution to several preventable problems for our friends across the financial arena. But, we’d like to be there to help so that problem never arises. We don’t have a single problem being the cast that nurses your institution back to health, but we’d love to be the stronger branch so that you never fall.

Here’s a brief overview of the areas we inspect in our Preventative Maintenance plan. Any and all problems concerning equipment is handled on-the-spot during this inspection.

  • Branch Vault Equipment
    • Safe Deposit / Cash Vault door
    • Cash Storage Safe
    • Night Deposit Safe
  • Branch RTS Equipment
    • Retail Units
    • Pneumatic Commercial Units
    • Deal Drawers
  • Branch CCTV Equipment
    • Cameras
    • DVR
    • Transaction Tracer
    • Monitors
  • Branch Alarm Equipment
    • Alarm Panel
    • Cellular Backup
  • Branch ATM Equipment
    • ATM
    • Fascia / Kiosk
    • Air Conditioner / Heater

Smith Hamilton offers a very extensive Preventative Maintenance plan that’s conveniently wrapped into your hassle-free service contract. Please contact us for more information about maintenance agreements. We’d love to help!



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