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The Hassle Free Contract

In an industry that’s driven by service, a service contract can be one of two things; your best friend, or your worst enemy.


A bad service contract can consist of many things…


  • High prices
  • Bad response times
  • Not enough techs to cover the area
  • Hard to reach operators
  • Did I mention high prices?


Why would any institution continue to stay in an awful relationship with a service provider who can’t service them in an institution-first fashion?  The answer is simple….they signed a 5 year contract!


Let’s be clear, there is  nothing wrong with a 5 year contract.  The best prices usually come from signing long-term agreements.  The problem lies with the service company.


Most providers won’t let you out of that contract, even if they aren’t holding up their end of the bargain.  If JJ Watt stops getting sacks with the Houston Texans guess what?  The Texans are going to release him so fast HEB won’t even have time to pull his “Tackle Crackle” ice cream off the shelves.


Why should your service company be any different?


With the growing demand for advanced technology, the demand for companies who can show up on time with properly certified technicians grows as well.  Smith Hamilton is revolutionizing the way the industry looks at service with the hassle free contract.


“What’s a hassle free contract?”

If you sign a service contract with Smith Hamilton, we guarentee that we’ll do everything we promised in our initial meeting.  There’s no “gotcha” language in the contract.  It’s plain and simple.  If you don’t think our service is up to your standards we cancel the contract and pro rate you your money back.  While other companies are holding your feet to the fire if you don’t give them a six month cancellation notice, Smith Hamilton just say’s “Hey, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.”


  • It doesn’t get any easier.  So, when you’re out there shopping your service keep a couple things in mind.
  • Is the price competitive?
  • Do they have enough techs to service our needs?
  • Maybe most importantly, will they do the right thing if they aren’t doing what they said they would?


Competitive pricing, nationwide footprint and integrity, that’s what you can expect out of a Smith Hamilton service contract.  Don’t get “caught.”


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