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The future of the financial arena is here. Customers are no longer required to make the drive to the financial institution. When the most common practices in customer banking can be done from the mobile device or a remote ATM, there’s a lot of face time that can be missed. How do institutions bring the traditional banking experience to the nontraditional market environment?

That’s where the Branch Transformation process comes in. With new technology, FI’s can begin that personal relationship with customers at any location at any time.

In reality, it looks less like this:

And a lot more like this:

Nautilus Hyosung has helped to push the Branch Transformation process forward. The Monisafe 400A, MX8800 and MX7800i are the go-to source for innovation geared toward financial institutions.

These machines bring the friendliness and guidance of the traditional banking environment directly to the customer, wherever he or she is located.

With the MX8800 and MX7800i customers can have real time conversations with tellers, bringing the in-person experience to the customer at their convenience.

While one of these machines is geared more toward an in-branch or indoor consumer base and the other is fitting for a more elements based approach, both the MX8000 and the MX7800i accomplish congruent goals for you financial institution.

  1. More focus on the customer.
    The convenience and ease of use synonymous with both the MX8800 and the MX7800i afford employees of any financial institution the ability to interact with more customers. In addition to that, the ability to communicate with customers in real time via video on the machines makes for quick solutions for a customer in need.
  2. Assurance and security.
    With data breaches at both Home Depot and Target, customers are more cautious with their money than ever. The advanced security features on the MX8800 as well as the MX7800i both work to keep customer and institutional data safe from harm; making it possible to build long lasting, trust based relationships.
  3. Efficiency. 
    The innovative design and use of Hyosung’s manufactured core technologies allows for fast and easy cash replenishment for both machines, reducing down time while never wasting valuable minutes with the customer.

NHAUSA’s approach to the cash recycler is unparalleled as well. With the same benefits listed above for the MX8800 and the MX7800i, Hyosung’s MoniSafe 400A brings a fresh approach to an already innovative product.


  1. Unsurpassed usability. 
    With real time visibility of cash levels thanks to the 7″ wide touch screen, MoniSafe 400A provides easy and fast transactions. Dispensing and deposit transactions can be processed for two tellers simultaneously with the aid of indicators lights at the front.
  2. Enhance employee productivity. 
    Advanced cash recycling technology built by Nautilus Hyosung simplifies and accelerates cash transactions, reducing monotonous and repetitive task. Reducing cash balancing time helps tellers to focus on customers service and cross-selling.
  3. Seamlessly simple maintenance.
    MoniSafe 400A provides Nautilus Hyosung’s unique technologies. The auto paper jam recovery function prevents a machine failure from paper jam without human interference. In the event of an error, the jamming point will be identified on the LCD display at the front. The detection of a paper jam can be easily identified through a built-in guidance LED, so that problems can be fixed without support from specialized personnel.

Regardless of your stance in the financial arena, innovation is coming. Consumers yearn for a high tech, high touch environment. Your institution will thrive or dive in the long run depending on your adaptation to the ever changing market.

Nautilus Hyosung and Smith Hamilton are more than happy to help guide you through this transformation process. With the best quality products couple with unparalleled service, these two companies can insure your institution a front row seat to the future of banking.


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