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A Tale of Two Tellers

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Jack worked at “Bank of Tomorrow” while John worked at “The Never-Change Credit Union.” Both had been with their respective institutions for several months, building relationships with customers as they counted cash and twiddled their thumbs in between transactions, wasting time here and there.

“Jack didn’t have to come in early, or stay late — Jack earned the title of a Universal Banker.”

It was an age of technology, it was an age of “we’ve always done it this way.” Jack’s institution had just purchased a new Teller Cash Recycler, John’s institution increased his hours by making him come in 30 minutes earlier to recount the cash from a misbalanced drawer the night prior.

Jack didn’t have to come in early or stay late. With the power of Nautilus Hyosung’s new MS 400A, Jack could leave every evening and return every morning knowing that his new form of Branch Transformation would self audit on command, leaving no room for careless error.

This isn’t a story of the French Monarchy, nor of the French Revolution. No one is going to the gallows or to the guillotine. This is a story of one teller and another. One teller that became a universal banker and another that spent a fraction of his time actually helping his customer. This is a story about one teller that was empowered by Branch Transformation and another teller that wasn’t.

In the months after Smith Institution installed their 400A, Jack received a raise and a promotion. You see, without having to man the counter, triple count his transactions, or spend hours making sure his drawer was balanced, Jack had the opportunity to really connect with his every day customers.

He knew about their families, he knew about their lives. And, with that knowledge, Jack was able to help customers with much more important decisions about what to do with their hard earned money. Soon he was able navigate transactions concerning car loans and mortgages. Jack was able to direct in the early decisions of retirement planning. Jack even helped set up college savings accounts for the Hillman family’s twin girls. Jack earned the title of a Universal Banker.

All the while, John spent day after day counting his drawer, looking up at his customers for brief moments as he counted back their cashed checks and withdrawals every Friday. John didn’t get a raise. John sat there at his counter, with five other tellers, making 10 dollars an hour at twenty hours a week; learning nothing more about the financial arena than simple addition and subtraction.

John later quit his job and became a barista at the local coffee shop. He found it more fulfilling to interact with people in an environment that had a larger focus on actually making relationships.

Jack ended up becoming the Director of Innovation at “Bank of Tomorrow.” He relies heavily on the solutions that Smith Hamilton provides. “It’s all about the relationship.” He says, “And Smith Hamilton has been our partner for more than 25 years.”

What’s the moral here? Technology is here to help your institution, not to destroy it. Nautilus Hyosung’s solution is designed to empower branch employees, giving them a bigger part in the day-to-day operations within the financial institution. This story might be fictional, but it makes a point. With the power of Branch Transformation, a teller can become much more than just someone who counts cash every day.

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