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5 Signs You Have A Good Technician

The technician might be the most important contact between the financial institution and the service company. When something breaks down or does not function properly, your relationship with your technician is key to making sure your financial institution does what it does best, serving its customer.

Here are 5 signs you have a good technician.

1. The Relationship Is a Good One.

When you trust a person to take care of your equipment, there needs to be a good relationship. How easy or difficult is it to get in contact with your local technician? Do they treat your problems as if they are important? Does he/she have a good standing relationship with the people working in your financial institution?

2. Quick Response.

Your bank is in trouble. There is a problem. Something does not work. You have a line of customers down the block needing your pneumatic tube system to deposit checks. You have made the call to your technician. When are they going to show up? If you are not a top priority to your tech, odds are you are not a priority to the company for which he/she works. Your technicians should be able to bring a solution to your problem quickly.

3. You Are Not a Burden.

You are not a burden. You should never be treated as such, either. How does your technician treat you once they have made it to your institution? Does the problem, big or small, seem like a burden to him or her? It should not be. If you have ever been made to feel like your problems are unimportant or a hassle, then you’ve been treated unfairly.

4. The Problem Is Solved…The First Time.

When you make the call, and the technician comes to your aid, the problem should be taken care of when they leave, right? Your financial institution does not have the time to have malfunctions or hindrances after your technician was supposed to have taken care of the issue. If a tech has been called multiple times to fix the same problem, he/she might not be a good fit.

5. You Do Not See Them Often.

This might seem counter-intuitive in relation to the 4 reasons listed prior. But, let’s think about this. If your technician is indeed a good one, and has proven so in regard to the reasons listed above, then you probably will not have to see them very often. If the relationship between the technician and your financial institution is good, they show up quickly when you do make that call and treat your problem with kindness and effectiveness, odds are that you’re not going to have many technical problems within your financial institution. However, it is good to know that if there ever is an issue, they can come to your aid with all the expertise needed to be a good technician.

It is important that the service provider with which you have a contract, or to whom you make calls can come to your aid at a moments notice. It is all about the relationship; and in terms of business, the customer should always be most important. Is your service provider a customer company?


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