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ATM Marketplace: Managed ATM Solutions

It can be a real pain in the neck to own and operate an ATM in today’s marketplace.  It seems like every year a new mandate is created, requiring ATMs to be in compliance with various security concerns, ADA measures, and new technological advances.  With these mandates comes the realization that your ATMs will need a significant investment in order to bring them current and within today’s and tomorrow’s regulatory statutes.

Not to mention the ongoing maintenance of this equipment can add its own level of frustration. Large service organizations continue to diminish and cut their own costs, remove inclusive services from the standard offering, giving you lower quality service for a higher cost and longer locked-in term.

Community banks and credit unions don’t typically track the time and money spent specifically on the day to day management of their ATM fleet such as tracking service, managing ATM vendors, and attending webinars, training seminars, and conferences dedicated to the education of upcoming compliance regulations.  The reason is that most small to medium sized institutions assign ATM responsibilities to someone that already has another primary role within the organization.  ATMs tends to be considered an insignificant side role that shouldn’t absorb too much of someone’s time and energy.  Well, the reality is that it does.

Smith Hamilton provides many services around the financial industry including ATM products and services, security products, vaults, safes, branch equipment, and service.  So, as an ATM dealer and service provider, we realized that we already have all of the pieces in place to offer a full service ATM placement solution.  We call it our ATM Management Solution.  Smith Hamilton offers a full service solution that may include a buy-out of your existing ATMs for their book value, replacement or upgrade of your existing equipment, transaction processing, first and second line ATM service, scheduled cash replenishment if necessary, supplies, everything associated with owning and operating ATMs for the bank or credit union.  With our management solution, Smith Hamilton would own and operate ATMs at your locations, making us the responsible party for any upcoming compliance mandates, not you.  We handle any disputes and or Reg E claims associated with the ATM transactions and automatically dispatch our service technicians, eliminating the need for the financial institution to monitor any facet of the ATMs on a day to day basis.  Our goal is to remove you from the ownership role, yet allow you to offer your customers or members use of ATMs just as your own.  If you’d like, we will brand the ATMs as though they are yours and your customers or members will not be charged surcharge fees when they use one of the ATMs at your locations.

The best part of this solution is that you continue to collect and keep your surcharge revenue from foreign withdrawals and a percentage of interchange fees from your on-us withdrawals.  So, you eliminate the day to day management of ATMs or concern for future compliance and ATM expense, yet you continue to receive the revenue.  Let us show you how we can make this work for your institution.  One of our experienced representatives would welcome any questions you have and we’d love to create a solution that fits for any size opportunity.  At Smith Hamilton, we pride ourselves in providing more when other service companies give you less.  We are a local company with a presence all over Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.  We continue to grow while others downsize their presence locally.  Give us a call and see the difference for yourself.


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