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8 Things to Check for When Your Pneumatic Tube System Stops Working

  • November 19, 2013
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Your pneumatic tube system is one great tool that allows for transactions between your financial institution and customers at the drive-up unit. If that system starts malfunctioning it can mean bad things for your branch and your customers. Never fear, though. You aren’t hopeless if something goes wrong.

We had some our technicians list 8 things you can do on your own to trouble shoot the problem or even fix it yourself before you call a service provider.

  1. Check the power.
    It sounds simple enough, but we get calls regularly about malfunctioning tube systems and the only problem is that the unit isn’t turned on. Be sure to make sure the power is on before trying to operate your system. That might be a solution to your problems.
  2. Check you carrier. 
    Sometimes, the problem isn’t your pneumatic tube system at all. It’s that small, plastic carrier. Is the accelerator worn? Is the carrier door latch not locking? Maybe try a new carrier and see if that works.
  3. Did you have change or small items near the tube system?
    Yes, it’s happened before. We’ve found staplers, pens, paper clips, bank bags and even coins strung across an entire tube system. Be very careful to keep all items away from the door. If not, it could lead to some unnecessary problems.
  4. Are the doors on both ends of the unit closed? 
    On some units, the tube system won’t function if the doors are not closed on both sides. Make sure that the customer has closed their door and that the teller has done the same before looking for a bigger problem.
  5. Check your safety bars. 
    On some tube systems the doors on either end of the unit will not close because of a device called a safety bar. That bar’s sole function is to keep either the teller or the customer from getting their hands caught in the doors of the tube system. Make sure that your safety bars are down on either end and see if that fixes the issue.
  6. Are your door tracks clean?
    If your door won’t close or open properly, sometimes the only problem is that the tracks aren’t clean. Give the tracks in the door a good cleaning and see if that proves to be the solution. 
  7. Is your carrier stuck, or did the customer just drive off with it? 
    We’ve seen this happen. There are times when the problem isn’t the safety bar, the door tracks or the blower, it’s simply that the customer forgot to put the carrier back before they left the branch. 

  8. Is your carrier overloaded with coin?
    Your tube system can only carry so much weight. Make sure you don’t have too many coins in there before you send it off. It might not be able to make the flight. 

sometimes, the solution to your problem can be much easier than it appears. Give these suggestions a chance when you’re seeing trouble with your pneumatic tube system. If these don’t work, always feel free to call Smith Hamilton at 1-800-881-8720.


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